Amelia Guild

   Amelia Guild artist statement

“As a creator I have always been interested in depicting the world around me. Growing up on a high country station meant that my greatest influence has been rural life and rural creatures...more specifically, cattle. What started back at school as an interesting but challenging (moving) subject has developed and evolved over the past 15 + years and is now more of a vehicle for exploration and experimentation. I was never satisfied with realistic depictions or colourways and I have found great enjoyment in showing my love for these animals through texture, gesture and palette.

I have such a passion for rural life that my paintings have inadvertently taken on the role as enthusiastic campaigners for this way of life, and send a message of joy and celebration. At a time when the media tends to dwell on and relish in the negative, I take great pleasure in portraying my truth. If my artworks are bright, bold and dynamic, then that reflects my sentiments toward rural living and people.”

Amelia is a full time artist and actress (Amelia Dunbar) amidst juggling the demands of motherhood. She has work hanging in local and international collections and is a recipient of the Selwyn District Council Arts and Culture Award. In 2017 she received the Craigs Aspiring Arts Prize.