Kate Elder

After graduating from Dunedin School of Art, Kate went on to study furniture making in Madrid. The skills she acquired during this time have helped her to develop the distinctive work she creates today.

Moving around her sculptural pieces, one can experience their dynamic quality - appreciating the changes that can occur from different viewpoints, and gradually making sense of the work through this movement.

Her works are a combination of positive forms, negative cut-outs, painted surface and shadows. Through lighting positive and negative spaces, the presence of the forms and objects extend much further than their physical boundaries. Shadows - real or painted - are an important element of each piece.

Kate has exhibited widely in New Zealand, and been a finalist in several award shows including the Wallace Awards and the Waiheke Small Sculpture Prize. In 2015 she received the open award at the Mahara Gallery review. She has work in private collections in New Zealand and internationally.