Kirsten Newton

The eye has the ability to filter out that which we do not see as relevant. If we are to walk along a beach do we see the rubbish or are we so focused on the vast beauty of the space that the small details are lost within the image. The New Zealand coast line is stunning but hidden within it are flecks of colour that shouldn't be there. How do we draw the eye back to seeing the small things and create an environment which encourages change? Over the course of a year Kirsten collected plastic rubbish (excluding wrappers) from Narrowneck Beach, Devonport. While collecting the rubbish she organised it into its colours to give it a mass again, finally drawing it back together using resin reminiscent of our melting polar ice caps. Her installations challenge people to ponder the idea of being a "tidy kiwi", through creating awareness, beauty and wonder - what can I spy?