Leanne Mulder


I currently create on canvas and paper. I use acrylic, ink, pastel and charcoal to make marks.

Leanne is an artist living in Auckland New Zealand, mother carer and deliberate creator.

"Landscapes have been an enduring inspiration since I was very young. I am drawn to the contrasts, of sky against  ocean, ocean against rock, rock against forests.   For me there is nothing more awe inspiring and emotion evoking as standing atop a great vista and breathing in the silence.. the breeze and the hopefulness of the future.

I relay these feelings in my work, sometimes dramatic sometimes serene. I grew up in the South Island of New Zealand and spent much time in the Central Otago region where my love for landscapes especially mountains became deeply ingrained in my psyche. Mountains: - majestic... striking..domineering.  Some how through them I feel a deep sense of connection to this earth.  Maori roots bind me even deeper to this land, deeper, than can be explained by words. Creating helps me convey my sense of where I am and who I am in this landscape of life - connection to land, mother nature and its greater consciousness. The beauty of this earth, colours, formations, - contrasts , inspire my visions in every moment.