Margaret Bray

Margaret Bray is a producer of vessels and sculpture using a variety of different materials ranging from clay to found objects. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, who also works with photographic imagery.

Her forms are diverse, they can be thrown, sewn or hand-built. Margaret’s preferred firing method is in her wood kiln: a 17 hour process of stoking up the kiln until it reaches the temperature to fire ceramic stoneware.  She works from both her studio at Arthaus in Orakei and at her home in Ramarama, South of Auckland. 

“Combinations of Art, Conservation, Community and Family are driving forces that guide my life; It’s exciting to redefine something, the heap of remnant scraps that have collected over decades, transformed by arrangement into an article, to be read - soft clay turned to stone to help nourish and serve the bearer, and a compulsion to memorialise time in light; captured by camera.” – Margaret Bray