Tim Holman

I trained in Design in London and, after spending eight years freelancing in advertising and design in London I moved to New Zealand. A chance meeting in Coromandel gave me the opportunity to work at the late Barry Brickell's Driving Creek Railway. This was the beginning of eight years sculpting with self-dug clay, wood firing the work and winning several awards including Merits at the Portage in 07 and 08. Since then I moved to Wellington to work in the film industry on movies including The Hobbit and Ghost in the Shell. At the moment my own work has been mainly re-perposed steel-work making screens, gates and braziers. I specifically like the social engineering that goes with the metalwork of braziers. The very act of sharing stories around the fire with your fellow humans is creating your own culture, as opposed to watching TV and movies, playing video games or even reading where you are consuming someone elses culture.