Zoe Leeb-du Toit

Born in the UK, Zoe’s inspiration comes from the landscapes of New Zealand, which has been home for 15 years. Her unique style draws from her background in both Science and the Arts, holding degrees in both fields.

“I am privileged to be able to call Waiheke home, I am always discovering new angles and views to paint and never tire of the changing light and colours of Aotearoa.”

Zoe’s interests are in the stylisation of plants across diverse cultures, from Maori and Pacific arts, Celtic design, to Japanese prints and Indian miniatures. “My paintings are my personal collections of patterns from my varied influences, experiences and homes. Each pattern has a memory, landscape or atmosphere I associate with it.

“I tread delicate path between escapism and reality, art and science. I aim for my paintings to reflect the beauty I see in nature, a celebration of what we have left and of nature’s capacity to heal, regrow and flourish.”

Zoe exhibits regularly on Waiheke Island and in Auckland. Her colourful paintings are in collections in the United States, Europe and Australia.