Adele Eagleson

After a career in HR and banking Management, I attended an art school in Sydney and there I attempted my first oil painting.  I knew instantly that the luminosity of the oil paint with its gloss, vibrancy and sensuous colours was for me and 20 years on that hasn’t changed.

I love to paint our landscape and its relationship with land, sea and sky.  Sometimes I am very abstract and free and sometimes there is a little realism incorporated into my paintings.  But in the main my process is to experiment with the paint allowing the painting to evolve.  Where a painting ends up is not always intentional, but what is intentional is the idea of capturing or suggesting a memory of a place in our subconscious.  Land forms and markings often, but not always, come from my imagination and I enjoy playing with layers, building up, parring back, scraping and excavating parts to reveal colours underneath then repainting over using a variety of tools to create movement, mood and effect.