Jeff Thomson

Born in Auckland and growing up in Castor Bay on the North Shore, Thomson has become without doubt the Corrugated Iron Man of Australasia. From an early age he showed considerable promise, developing an ability to draw images quickly with pencil rather than using the written word. When he went to one of Auckland's most adventurous secondary schools, with a strong "Education through Art" tradition, it was clear that the next step was the Elam School of Art attached to the University of Auckland, culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1981. Curiously his major focus as a student was not sculpture but painting and printmaking.

It was in the early 1980’s when he stumbled upon a piece of Kiwi life that eventually became his letterbox series of works, through which Thomson came face to face with his chosen material - corrugated iron.

Literally out of the letter boxes emerged the large body of work for which he is now known on both sides of the Tasman.

Corrugated iron animals, birds and cars: these works have established Jeff Thomson fairly and squarely in the memory banks of most New Zealanders and many Australians.