Jill Cahill

jill cahill

Spending my first five years in Bangladesh, and subsequently living in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney & England, has given me a fundamental enjoyment of Cultural Diversity and an appreciation of my immediate world.

Since 2006, New Zealand’s cultural blend and island setting have presented new opportunities: a return to printmaking, completing The Hungry Creek Diploma in Art, Artist in Schools projects, Glasswork, working on the Sculpture on Shore committee, teaching & presenting to art teachers across Auckland and getting back into the studio to create & exhibit again!

My works are often detailed explorations of colour, texture & mark-making- aiming to capture the vitality of any given subject. Drawing is fundamental to my practice, the subjects often natural & the medium mixed. Combining watercolour, printmaking & glasswork is presently being explored -with their “en-light-ening” properties.

I aim to maintain a sound technical level, enjoying formal qualities, such as negative space & composition, but keeping an expressionistic freshness. Colour, Texture, Dynamics & some evidence of The Artisan are always a part of my artistic process. I will continue to seek out, see & capture any image in an innovative way