Josh Lancaster

‘I paint the places we love. I do this by trying to capture the essence of a familiar place be it someone’s dairy, beach, view, flat, island, road, takeaway shop, family bach or simply just the memory of one. These are the places we cherish - the iconic moments that make up who we are. They are an agent for fond memories, stories, feelings. Collectively we love these places for what they remind us of – they connect us.’

Josh Lancaster is a gifted young Auckland artist whose artistic endeavours are achieving similar plaudits to his reputation as one of his generation’s top advertising creatives. In 2015 he made the decision to leave a successful career in advertising and move to the Hawkes Bay to follow his dream of being an artist. His bold lines and saturated colour make for distinctive, original artworks including those of some more quirky landmarks in Auckland. Recent projects include commissioned work for Whittaker’s, Tiger Beer, Colenso BBDO, White&Wong’s and Lewis Road Creamery.

More of his work can be found at Ponsonby’s Smyth Galleries or by searching Josh Lancaster Paintings on Facebook.