Karine Clairsinvil

Haitian-Swiss artist Karine Clairsinvil was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After relinquishing study in medicine she embraced fine arts to never let go. Paintings, drawings, objects and sculptures are among her art works and installations are part of her up coming projects and exhibitions.

Karine is fascinated by energy, the part of human beings that is invisible and is concerned with thinking, feeling and perceiving. She is intrigued by the creative process by which this energy materialises. To give shape and body to ideas and thoughts that arise in a universe without boundaries, where physical materiality does not exist.

The concept of reality and its boundaries along with the materiality of energy and the interactions between imagination, faith, dream and reality are subjects that feed her artistic practice from research and reflection.

She holds a BA in Arts and Media and a master in Fine Arts from Z├╝rich University of the Arts, Switzerland. She has exhibited in Switzerland, France, New Caledonia, London, UK and New Zealand. Karine lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.