Laine Burnett

Laine Burnett is the young artist behind Bespoke Weaving. Her weaving practice started during a surgery recovery time, while she was healing she was weaving. With her background in Interior design, she made it her mission to create her first piece of contemporary weaving during her recovery, using her Maori weaving knowledge and her design flair. Weaving has become almost like a form of meditation for Laine. she finds it very comforting to see how each piece slowly evolves and flows into something beautiful. By giving in to her need of weaving, Laine has learnt about past generations of amazing women weavers on both sides of her family, and it gives her daily work a stronger purpose.

From a young age she was taught to be thankful for the plants that nurture us in our everyday life, this translates into her creation process as she says a Karakia (Prayer) to thank the plants for providing the fibres for her to weave with. She was also taught the original steps to prepare the plant for weaving, from sourcing the plant, stripping and drying the fibres, right up to dying the natural fibres before it is woven.

All of these precious tools help Laine to have a better understanding and appreciation for what she creates today and influence her weaving style; a mix between Traditional and Contemporary.

“Threading the Modern and Traditional together”