Philippa Hermansson & Ramona McDowell

Ramona and Pip have been friends for 30 years.  Between them they have two husbands, 5 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 free-range rabbit and a pond of goldfish.  They both share a love of colour and both adore the Pacific Islands.  

Ramona is the sewer and Pip is not, but between them they have created a range of pacifica products that they are really proud of. 

Their cushion “idea” came from a holiday at Riversdale Beach Wairarapa. Over a wine or two, and a discussion on cushions made of beautiful vintage wool, the idea evolved.  

They started with a more simple idea and a more beachy cushion.   Success was instant and cushions were sold on the front of the property.  This inspired them to continue and rather than treat it as just a hobby, they decided that Wellington designers might be interested in having a look at what they were doing, especially the more handworked appliquéd cushions. (That was scary stuff)  Again, the reaction was encouraging, in fact more than that, Wellington designers were really interested in their work and it is now in some pretty special shops and homes in NZ. That was really cool. Shops just loved the work.  They now knew they had something special.

Each work is hand-stitched (very like tivaevae work), and each product is completely unique.  Many hours are spent on every cushion and appliqué work.