Ronald Andreassend and Taiai Pisa

Like many artistic collaborations Taiai Design started out simply with friends hanging out.

Naturally the common interests would develop as each shared their ideas and planned something bigger than either could ever achieve as individuals.

Taiai and Ronald first met while advising a group of Artists who were planning a Pacific  Event in Amsterdam.
Taiai invited Ronald to several Pacific events as a photographer it was from her influence that he developed the passion for capturing the spirit, events and people in Auckland and became recognised as a photographer rather than an artist.

Taiai's background in Business communications,  Marketing and planning many high profile events as well as a life long passion for creativity blends well with Ronald`s background in Design, Art production and Object Making, as Chan Andreassend extensively in Art Shows and the Giftware, Homeware and Hospitality Industries where he was known for ceramics, resin and a passion for NZ Design often leading the market with designs which are still in production 10 years later.

As Ronald became immersed in Samoan culture and Taiai the business of Art, both didn't realise the connections were closer than either thought.

Ronald's connection with Pacific initially began after organising an art show several years ago in Victoria Park Market with ARTWEEK Auckland.

The connections turned out to be more fundamental.  His father`s DNA was analysed mid 2017 to try and solve some secrets.  The result came back with 39% east China, 42 Norwegian and 8% Polynesian.  It’s the type of thing which opens up questions about Chinese migration, 19th Century Trade, Culture, the validity of DNA sequencing and what makes Ethnicity.  But also very welcomed surprise.

The Chinese heritage is also shared both By Taiai and Ronald.  The immigrants who settled in the Islands were mainly from the Taishan Province which is also where Ronald`s Grandfather came from.

Its a small world!